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The Minyan Past and Present

Original Hillel Building

Hillel Today

The minyan was founded in the 1965-1966 academic year by a small group of faculty and students. Among them were Joseph A. Reif, who was among the first to teach modern Hebrew at the University, and his colleague Gene M. Schramm, who had come to teach Hebrew and linguistics. The minyan first met at Joe and Saura Reif’s house on Brooklyn Street, and then moved into the Hillel building on Hill Street. Rabbi Yechiel Poupko, Assistant Director of the Hillel Foundation, served the minyan for 5 years and was followed by a succession of Orthodox and non-Orthodox rabbis including Martin Ballonoff, William Rudolph and Michael Balinsky. Rabbi Rod Glogower was the rabbi of AAOM from 1980-1983 and then from 1987 to 2019. Rabbi Jared Anstandig assumed leadership in July 2019. The minyan has always included students, faculty, and community people and welcomes people of different backgrounds, while maintaining the standards of a Modern Orthodox congregation.

Over the years, about 500 people have been associated with the Minyan, and nearly 100 celebrated together in March 2001 the 36th anniversary of its founding. At present, there are about 70 members of the AAOM who are joined for services, classes and other events by about 100 students of the Hillel Orthodox Minyan. Students enjoy home hospitality of AAOM members on Shabbat and holidays, giving them a home-away-from-home environment. Many friendships of long duration have evolved from these student/community contacts. During the academic year, services are held twice daily as well as on Shabbatot and holidays. During the summer, services are held on Shabbat and holidays. Hillel serves daily kosher lunches and dinners supervised by Rabbi Anstandig, including Friday night and Shabbat day. Non-students are also welcome at these meals.

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